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[FIC/COMIC PANELS]: Teenage Circus- With Pictures from Casey! (TEAM DAVESPRITE<3JADE)

Summary:  John puts together a circus for Casey, and Davesprite and Jade perform the balancing act. Casey also draws pictures of her day!

Characters: Davesprite, Jade, John, Casey, Nanna, Jaspers, all the yellow ship inhabitants.

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Part 1-

The world was awash with too bright yellows, blues, pinks and gritty reds. Jade swore she was suffering sensory overload, too many smells (which were not helped by her still too-new nose), too many sounds, too many people. However, she had promised John she would do this ‘for casey’s sake jade! she’s looking so forward to her auntie performing!’ and she was damn well going to go through with it. However, looking back, she really should have found out what a ‘balancing act’ actually consisted of. Still, a promise was a promise, and seeing Casey with a wide blue grin on her face was reward enough she supposed, from something that was so overwhelming.


‘Laaaaadiiiessss, and Gentlemen!’ The ringmaster announced in a loud voice, his arms thrown wide, blue suit standing out amongst the dusty brown floor, spotlight pouring light onto him.

‘I am pleased to announce, for one night, and one night only, the Circus will be performing.’ He bowed, head almost touching the floor in his excitement. ‘I, the Heir of breath, will be the ringmaster for the evening, and we have many amazing acts! So amazing, in fact, if they do not amaze you, I will eat my hat!’ With that statement, he took this blue top hat off, and twirled it in the air, then returning it to his head.

‘First off, we have the amazing Jade and Daaaave!’


 ‘It’s show time Harley,’ Davesprite whispered, bowing to the cheering audience, while Jade curtsied after John had announced them with much gusto.

With that, Jade realised she should probably start doing the act! She had practiced how to balance on a wire while on the ground, and she hoped she wouldn’t fall on the ground. She guessed being a God tier who was part space, part dream self meant she could always float if something went wrong. She started off by walking from one side of the wire to another, Davesprite floating next to her, his wings barely flapping to help him stay afloat.

When this was met with applause, Jade thought it would be a good idea to be more daring this time around. She walked forwards again, and when she was halfway across the thin wire, she turned around and walked again. This again was met with clapping. Looking at Davesprite who winked at her, Jade felt a rush of confidence. It was going pretty well now! Time to really make them cheer!


Flushed with excitement, Jade couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear. The crowd really loved her and Davesprite! Whoops of joy could be heard all around, and Jade’s ears were constantly flicking from the stream of noise. Davesprite smiled at her, an actual genuine smile, and Jade wasn’t sure how, but her grin got even wider.

As if to make the moment complete, Davesprite then kissed her, through the cheering crowd, John booming through the microphone again, her and Davesprite floating up in the air, his wings wrapping around them both. And spotting Casey’s disgusted face in the crowd; Jade couldn’t help but giggle, gaining a smirk back from Dave. This was a great day!

Part 2-
As you walk into a room, a series of pictures have been drawn, showing you the events of a certain day. Written under each enthusiastically drawn picture is a messy blue pen commentary, and each picture is signed by 'Casey'.

[Picture of Casey with John holding hands looking happy. Typical 6 year old drawing. Blue sky, green grass, circus tent in the background.]
"Daddy’s taking me to the circus today! Glub!"

[John wearing a blue ring master outfit, carrying a loudspeaker. A range of consorts can be seen in the background.]
"Daddy’s being a ring master, it means he wears a funny blue suit and orders people about."

[Jade wearing a glitzy circus outfit. Davesprite wearing a matching waistcoat. Both holding hands.]
"Auntie’s going to perform in the circus. Bro will perform too."

[Nanna wearing a clown outfit. John getting wet by a water flower from her.]
"Nanna was a clown. She wasn’t very funny."

[Jaspers looking like a Lion. John looks like a lion tamer, balancing on a chair.]
"Jaspers even took part! He was in a lion act."

[Jade and Davesprite on a wire, up in the top of a circus tent.]
"Auntie and Bro did a balancing act. They walked up and down the wire."

[Jade doing a trick. Balancing on one hand, on a ball.]
"Auntie was very good, she did lots of tricks!"

[Davesprite floating above Jade, holding her up from her hood. Jade has a big grin on her face.]
"Bro was super good too, he floated everywhere!"

[Davesprite and Jade kissing, you can see Casey in the audience with a ‘YUK! XP’ face.]
"They even kissed. It was icky! Glub!"

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