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Art/ Text: MAJOR ARCANA (Mindfang<3<Redglare)

Summary: Tarot cards are rarely ever right about anything.
Characters: Mindfang, Redglare
Ships: Mindfang <3< Redglare
Category One:
Tags Present: none
Tags Not Used: none
Category Two:
Tags Present: character death
No other Cat.2 tags apply
Category Three:
Tags Used: none


"This card does not always signify a literal death, but may instead mean that a significant change or transformation is in the near future. The old and familiar ways are soon to end and a new set of principles may emerge to guide the troll."


"Typically a good omen, as the hard work and good deeds of the past comes back around to reward the troll. However, if one has acted negatively this card gives them a chance to reevaluate their choices and make better ones."
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absolutely stunning! Amazing great wow
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Ahh, the hands coming after them both, and their sharp fierce profiles. The faint echo of the Seer of Mind symbol in the Death card is a nice touch, too.