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[Illustrated Fic]: [Untitled] (Gamzee <3 Roxy)

Summary: Sometimes, as a tightrope walker, you need a little more than just a safety net to catch you.

Characters: Gamzee Makara, Roxy Lalonde, Equius Zahhak, Nepeta Leijon
Ships: Gamzee ♥ Roxy

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[Image: Silhouettes of Roxy and Gamzee on a tightrope. Gamzee is on a unicycle and is juggling three clubs. Roxy is standing on one leg and arching her back to hold the other foot.]

They talk to me sometimes. Folk all up and enjoying their time at the motherfucking Carnival come up to me all jawing about what they all just seen me do, up on that wire. Wheel between my legs and clubs all dancing in the air above my head, and they all gotta ask:

"Gamzee, how the fuck do you stay floatin' up there? Where does a huge motherfucker such as yourself get his teeter-tottering turned off and his straight-up wheeling on?" And alls I gots to say is brothers... sisters...

Have you seen that goddamn angel dancing beside me?

Ain't no one like my girl. Ain't no one high like my girl, can fly like my girl. My pretty mama Roxy twinkle-toes, head in the sky and bottle in her hand. She's my miracle, I tell 'em. She keeps me from falling with that pretty face.

Baby girl Roxy floats on that string. My wheel's motherfucking clumsy and ugly, but she's all light and bubbles. Strong, steady gams holding her up above the world. Roxy's wobbly and wet in the head, full of crystal-clear burning booze, but there's no tremor in her feet. She knows just when to bend, when to lean. When to catch one of my whirling clubs--snatch it right out of the air and hold it to her little kissy-mouth lips like she'll drink it all up.

[Image: Roxy a pink, sequined outfit with closed eyes, head tilted back. One arm raised, holding a juggling pin by the neck, angled towards her mouth.]

No one knows and I don't tell them neither, but when we're up there, we fuckers are damn close to falling.

All they see is my foxy Roxy. Me and my clubs. Us dancing, way up high with this itty-bitty string the only thing stopping us from going straight down. They don't know I already been there. It's blood, motherfuckers. Blood and screams and there ain't no fairy dancing in that place I been, once upon a time. Before the rope and the lights and the circus and my girl.

Fucking funny thing, thinking we ain’t already fell, and it wasn’t all simple-like, say if we took a tumble up on the high wire and got caught up in the big-ass net keeping our skulls from breaking open all over the ground.

Boss man, he all up and told me to keep my motherfucking face quiet about all that.

“Don’t tell ‘em nothing about falling, Gamzee. Tell ‘em about the time you walked that line with Roxy sitting on your shoulders making airplane sounds like she was taking off.”

They don’t want to hear nothing about all the green I got all up in me to keep from losing my motherfucking mind again. Shit, who’m I clowning? I ain’t ever got it back since that day two motherfuckers got all close up in my personal space. Close enough to hear my pan splintering and cracking and mixing all up with the mess I made outta those two shitstains.

[Image: A silhouette of Gamzee, hands hovering near his head. He has three purple scratches on his face, his body is spattered with blue and green splotches.]

Bam, bam, honk. Two dead bitches lying in the streets and me with the motherfucking prize of three goddamn purple ribbons. I was young and too fucked to be thinking about anything but my need to put my feet to the floor and I got the hell outta there, left those two weak-ass fucks bleeding out in the gutter.

Don’t know where I ran to, all’s I remember is some assholes pointing their tattletale fingers at my spattered-up self and I left that whole place behind me, ran until I found some lights and a huge round tent where I saw the prettiest fucking thing I ever got my gander on at.

That girl done me miracles before I even knew her goddamn name. She was doing her thing, still wearing her little fairy dress what she just got done flipping and jumping around in, but when she caught me up in her magic eyes I could do nothing but watch her float right on down to eyeball me.

Her kitten-soft hands got all up on my face and she found three long lines on it and didn’t even flinch when her fingers walked them. Bitch did not even so much as tremble.

Roxy ain’t no leaf. She don’t shiver and shake and She. Don’t. Fall.

Sometimes she stumbles, though. When she does, when the mornings seem too motherfucking rough and she can’t pull herself out of bed to get her mouth on a bottle, I’m all about holding her tight. Keeping her safe while she lets out all the shit she didn’t know what to do with when it was churning all up inside her, so she tried to drown it all gone.

And when all the sticky green in the world can’t make my motherfucking head shut up, all’s I got to do is take one big, long look at my baby girl and my frown turns upside down. She makes me float, my Roxy. When I’m about to take that dive straight down, she’s the one to catch me and remind me of where I’m at.

How all’s I got to do is keep putting one foot in front of the other on this rope and get my ass to the other side, and it’ll all be over soon. By the time I’m across that thin bridge, I’m all evened back out and Roxy’s looking at me with that cute face she got that reminds me why, out of all the places I could be, I’m all about being as high as I can get with this motherfucking babe.

Maybe we tip and wobble. Maybe we two fuckers are just balancing on a line that neither of us are about standing on for too long, but so long as one of us is all steady legs and a fearless fucking mind, the two of us are staying up there and the only way I’m coming down is with my baby girl at my side.

[Image: Gamzee helping Roxy down from the tightrope, his hands on her waist. Roxy is holding the tightrope with one hand, smiling down at Gamzee.]

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Also I really love your Gamzee voice :D
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wooooow, great Gamzee voice!! oh, man, i love it. and the illustrations complement the piece really well, dang.