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Summary: Vigilantism on the streets of Alternia has its own rewards.

Characters: Terezi Pyrope, Vriska Serket
Ships: Terezi<3Vriska

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really though, this is fantastic, great job on the colours and composition and everything else too
i am
fangirling so hard right now
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EEEEE neon-ridden cityscapes, Batwoman-Terezi, Vriska managing to be such a challenging master thief and yet leaving such a dumbass clue as her rage-murdered 8-ball, Terezi's face!!!, and the atmospheric ellipsis of the final panel trailing off that way ... ♥_♥!

(Pardon the incoherency, I had a serious explosion of love.)
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damn, i love this style, and the whole prompt to the end, with terezi's predatory smirk giving promises of what's to come.

i think you nailed vriska very well with that message, too XD it's really great.

the style, the colouring, the overall plot -everything fits so well together, and it's truly beautiful to stare at *รง* <3
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Ooh, this is gorgeous.
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I love this a lot!
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Oh wow, these drawings are really amazing!
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wOW *__* this is so cool, the art is gorgeous and I love all the details, the constellations, the kind of comic-book feel, wowowow
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mannnnn woooww this is amazingly stunningly beautiful! and it contrasts and its totally something theyd do and yes!!
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Ah, I thought I had commented on this, it was one of the first I saw! I just was going over the list again and was like, ah yes that one, that one was so good, I want to have another look at it. I love how spiky everything is, the ragged edges, the teeth, the light. Terezi's face in that last panel! This is one of my favorite entries in the whole round.
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Woww, oh my god, this is just amazing!! Like, the idea is really great, and it fits the prompt so well, but the art is just amazing! Holy shit, I'm like hnnnnnnnnging over here just from the colours alone... So beautiful!