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This is the voting form for members of Sector Two, who are voting on entries by Sector One. You can find a list of which teams are in which sectors here.

Please fill out the following form in the comments to this post. Comments will be screened! Double-check before you hit send to make sure everything is correct; incorrect votes will be invalidated, and may be penalized:
  • Votes for teams that did not submit entries will be penalized 10 points.
  • Duplicate votes will be penalized 10 points per duplicate.

Again, only members of HSO teams in Sector Two may vote here. This post will close to new comments Sunday, August 5 at 11:59 PM EST.
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Summary: this is the exact same shit the big man pulled in eden ok and we all know how that one turned out
Characters and Ships )
Tags )

i am your cross temporal houdini )
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Summary: Nepeta Leijon reminisces in the memories of her beloved matesprit as she awaits her final breath
Characters and Ships )
Tags )

Looking Back )
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Summary: There is a God of every galaxy whose traits are absorbed.
Characters and Ships )
Tags )

Refraction )
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Summary: "yet another fic about the Karezi 'moment' and the rooftop hug" -anonymouscomrade, author
Characters and Ships )
Tags )

untitled )
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Summary: Both Nepeta and Terezi have decorated their walls, and they seem to have the same thing on their minds...
Characters and Ships )
Tags )

Two Hives of the Same Whole )
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Text with Video of Art: A Slow Dance (Eridan<3<Vriska)

Summary: in an AU where Alterians are refugees on Earth, Vriska and Eridan are separated. 
Characters and Ships )Eridan<3<Vriska 
Tags )

A Slow Dance )
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Summary: Dirk and Roxy have never met on Earth, but on Derse they're only a short flight apart.
Characters and Ships )
Tags )
SIDE 1 )

SIDE 2 )
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Summary: Two sestinas interspersed with illustrations that chronicle Dave and Rose's revolution.
Characters and Ships )
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By Your Light )
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Summary: Vigilantism on the streets of Alternia has its own rewards.
Characters and Ships )
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To Catch a Thief )
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Summary: John and Karkat find themselves on opposite ends of the universe after the game.
Characters and Ships )
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Summary: The Hanged Man, upright: suspension, restriction, letting go, sacrifice. The High Priestess, reversed: secrets, the need to listen to one's inner voice.

Dave is stalling at the foot of the gallows, but when an unspoken choice is to be unmade, even the most powerful players might reveal their cards. Also, rap battles.

Characters and Ships )
Tags )

The Hanged Man, The Tower, and the High Priestess, Reversed )
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Summary: Sometimes, as a tightrope walker, you need a little more than just a safety net to catch you.
Characters and Ships )
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[Untitled] )


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